New Release GIANT TREE by Teapot in the Tuba

TEAPOT IN THE TUBA is Mike Allen on clarinet and Katheryn Petersen on accordion. These two artists bring formidable arranging, composition, improvisation and performance skills to their repertoire, which mingles traditional, classical, jazz, original and pop repertoire in potent combinations. The duo, named after a folk tale, creates music forged from cherished essentials that fit together perfectly and unexpectedly, much like a teapot in the bell of the tuba. This unlikely pair of artists has worked together as a duo for four years and for seven in various other projects. Together they create a sound that is deeply resourced, expressive and exceptionally spirited. In keeping with their strong sense of creative self-determination and depending on the event in question their performances can often expand to include interdisciplinary elements and collaborative input from established dance, theatre, puppetry and videography partners.