Teapot in the Tuba…sounds like Klezmer in a Canoe! Thank you City of Burnaby for this aquatic debut.

Tunes and chat by DEER, the 2022 Teapot in the Tuba replacement band.

“Summer Spirit” is one of the best from our mash up tune phase. Gershwin and Nirvana…what could go wrong, right?

An original tune “Bird That Didn’t Sing” by Katheryn Petersen and Meghan Engel. Reprised here by Teapot in the Tuba in a multi-media video that mixes in some dream  imagery to compliment the cheeky nostalgic lilt of the melody.

Teapot in the Tuba mingles traditional jazz, pop tunes and electronic influences in an unlikely mashup that pays homage to Raymond Scott and New Order.

Bjornekaeden Revisioned audio was recorded in the late spring of 2018 and the video was shot and edited in the fall of 2018.

Here is a sample clip of Teapot in the Tuba with guest artist Lindy Gray at the 11th Annual Accordion Noir Festival.